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Wat Phrom Wong Saram

The temple right across the street.

“A goal stood before siddhartha, a single goal: to become empty, empty of thirst, empty of wishing, joy and sorrow. Dead to himself, not to be a self any more, to find tranquility with an emptied head, to be open to miracles in unselfish thoughts, that was his goal. ” – Siddhartha, by  Hermann Hesse.


everybody loves him

He chases a dog. Dog runs. The next minute dog returns back, walks around him, begging for attention. A man feeds him. Another gives him a big hug. A little boy approaches and tries to get him play throw balls.

He poses for me.

Support Dr Waheed!

Congratulations Waheed, for ousting Nasheed as the president of Maldives on Foursquare! 

 I don’t wish to influence the current government’s decisions one way or another, but I think I ought to extend my advice when my country is in dire need of it. The country is in a state of exigency with a first-aid-government. As the situation goes, our Attorney General remains busy making much needed  press statements to declare that fake accounts in her name on twitter are in fact fake. The Special Advisor, Hassan Saeed’s advice is stuck in the post on its way to VTV and Haveeru. It might take too long to reach the president. Someone ought to do the job! Someone ought to fill up the vacuum and advice this accidental president, who deliberately acts oblivious and clueless to the very fact that he is engaged in an unlawful business. He is no fool. Who will admit to being a criminal?!

For starters, the government shall ignore the great mass of people on the street protesting against a flourishing proxy dictatorship. Ordinary people, too weak to stand up against the greater police power, are all the way with you, government!

We applaud the decision to let Nasheed remain at large despite the atrocious and blatant crime of unpopularity that he has committed.  Better that ten innocent men get brutally beaten by Nazim’s boys than one guilty man gets convicted! Please feed the following lines in parenthesis to the computer data base of our intelligence:

[ Nasheed; a man who got himself into great trouble by declaring himself as the father of Environment. A disgraceful assertion that put him in hot waters with Maumoon who before him assumed himself as the father of that sickly child.  Poor Environment was born with an incurable fatal flu called Global Warming.  In keeping with their sly nature, despite their public declarations of love for this child, these two did nothing to ease his disease. All they did was exaggerating his illness to anyone who cared to lend an ear.]

We have come to face that Waheed  come across as a wee bit charmless. A fact despite which, he is confident that he could win any election by a land slide. He is reluctant to hold the election because being magnanimous in heart, he wish to do everything in his power and the greater power of police from causing embarrassment to his fellow politicians, particularly to those who are unpopular. For this reason and only this reason, we shall never punish Nazim and Umarnator. They will prove to be very handy just like they did to Nasheed, and would give the break Waheed needs to come clean and be forever prevented from hard feelings of his fellow politicians.  We need to do everything in the government’s power to prevent them from clutches of justice and fairness! Never hang Nazim and Umarnator! Even if in a moment of reckoning they publicly confess to their acts of treason or even if these acts are caught on video camera. In case of such correlating evidence we should treat them as having force to cancel one another!

Give more barrels of tear gas to Nazim’s boys! 

Valentine’s Day Morning

Good Morning and Happy Valentine’s Day!
This morning, by coincidence, I’m reading My Sergei, a romantic memoir by ice-skating Olympic gold medalist  Ekaterina Gordeeva. Her husband, also her ice-skating partner died  suddenly without a warning, at the age of twenty eight. She wrote about her joy-filled life with him. 
It drove her crazy when she look back on and don’t remember Sergei, her husband from their first Olympics at all. Probably because she was so wrapped up in the competition. It made her very angry at herself. I can’t stop thinking after all, when the loved ones leave, its only the memories we have left. I can feel her frustration and it broke my heart. 
I found this magical video of them skating.  Can you feel the love?

It scares me, because Ekaterina also lived like I’m living. She never looked closely at the world around her. She only paid attention to Sergei. This is not very different from my life. With Mamdhu and me everything feels natural, like a flowing river. Mamdhu is my whole life. With him I feel very safe and protected. He shields me against everything unpleasant and would often say, ‘leave the worrying to me, your job is to be happy and to keep smiling!‘.  I can’t imagine living without him. I really can’t.
What are you doing this Valentine’s day? Do you celebrate this day at all?   We don’t really make a big deal of the day, but I always think this is the most brilliant holiday or special day anyone has ever thought of. What  else can be better than celebrating love?


som tam, kai, kaaw

Mamdhu and I went to a nearby som tam restaurant for dinner. We had som tam with rice and barbecued chicken.

Som tam is normally eaten with rice, and a grilled meat (pork, chicken) or fish. Rice can be either sticky or normal.