Monthly Archives: November 2011

Fish and Mushed Peas

Fish n chips is one of my favourite foods. I had fish in my fridge but  no potatoes to make chips. Anyhow,   I battered and fried the fish, whipped up a tartare sauce and cooked peas until they are mushy.

Until last night, I’m under the impression that mushed peas requires only  peas and water. My research on internet says baking powder should be added to the peas and water. I added a tea spoon of baking powder. It turned out perfect. Who would have thought.

Bang Kra Jao

Mamdhu and I  crossed the river in a ferry to Bang Kra Jao. The ferry took less than a minute.  The contrast is incredible. On one side it’s a bustling polluted city and on the other side is a large expanse of green.  From the ferry pier we took  motorcycle taxi to Suan Sii.  An enormous park,  more like a paved rain forest than a manicured park.
While walking through the park, I began to feel déjà vu.   I’m back home in the middle of the taro fields carpeted by a film of duckweed (only that there are no taro plants here).   There was also the familiar sight of grey dried coconut leaves and coconuts that has fallen off the palms floating on the water.  We spend the morning, walking, watching butterflies and eating stone apples (kunnaru) right off the trees!

We met a nice Thai lady in the park. She  offered to take us to the floating market few kms  away. We nestled up on the back of her pick-up. We saw the laid back village as we sped by. What a thrilling  adventure it was!

We lunched at the market,  drank gac juice (our first time) and did a bit of shopping. We saw sunset from across the river before coming back home. 

If I’m spending money

The other day a friend and I were planning a trip out of town.  We checked internet for deals and every thing  seemed so expensive. Then she says , ‘You know, if you are going to spend so much money, why not go with Mamdhu?’  Hmm. Not such a bad thought, considering Mamdhu and I hardly get to spend much time and weather is so pleasant these days. Although if I really think about it, I don’t get to spend  much time with friends either.

Perhaps the whole point is about prioritizing. Of course Mamdhu comes before anyone else in my life and spending time and money on things that involves him makes sense.

Today, I went to a nearby mall to grab a mcflurry, and on my way to McD I saw Ummm milk. I have never had their ice-cream before. At this instant it came to me, if I’m spending money, why not spend on something new! 

The photos;
I successfully poached eggs!
Went to salon for a haircut.
Ate Tom yum goong at a restaurant I have not tried before. It was delicious and they put six prawns in the bowl!

Ummm icecream.

I’m loving this mall nearby. Its so bohemian and they have a nursery with beautiful flowers in bloom.

After hanging out at the mall, I went to book shop and bought Tales of a Female Nomad. The title resonated with me immediately!

 I made iced passionfruit and lemon tea.

an unplanned day out

I met a friend for breakfast and we ended up spending the whole day together, drinking fruit shakes, browsing through a bookshop, window shopping and drinking tea.

Mamdhu and I went to a Mid-Eastern restaurant (again!) for dinner.

P.S. my friend (the one I was with today) thinks my blog is full of food pics because my inner child is always hungry. I would like to send her a huge hug for the lovely day. Thank you for being my friend.

Lebanese Food (again)

We dined at the same restaurant we ate at last night, Beirut Restaurant at Pleonchit Centre. We ordered for an altogether a different meal, making it feel like a whole new experience.

I tried Nammourah (not in photos) for the first time. It is the Lebanese version of Basbousa. I might be wrong, but it seems so to me. Correct me if I’m wrong.