Monthly Archives: October 2011

Win for the American

Mamdhu and I went to HomePro to buy a filter for tap water. We figured it’s time to start using tap water as Bangkok is running out of bottled water. At Homepro, we met an American guy, also looking for a filter. After looking for the filters together we all agreed that we like this particular filter.
So, the American guy said to the sales people, ‘OK, we will take this one. One for me and One for them”.
The sales guy apologetically informed us that there is only one piece in stock.
Mamdhu said to me, ‘Well, lets look for another one”.
The American guy immediately protested,  “No, you have it”
We said, “No. you have it. You did all the testing and works. Its only fair.”
American guy replied, ” No, you are two. You are a family. I can manage. I’m only one!”
The exchange of ‘No’ s went on for a while.  In the end staggeringly we gave up and the American guy won.

Mamdhu felt so dismayed that he couldn’t even bring himself to fill the warranty form.  He asked me to do it. My hands were shaking when I filled the form.  I was feeling terrible inside.

I looked  at the guy and said for one last time, ‘You really should take this, We don’t feel good”.

Then he replied with the biggest grin, “but I feel GREAT!”

a piece of cake is a must

When the girls and I hang out, we always eat a piece or two of cake. It is like one of those unwritten rules. When the times change and we move to different places, as it always happens, I know I’m going to miss this tradition so so badly.

with a friend

I was with a friend. We lunched at Pepper Lunch, our first time there and  made terrible mistakes. It was an order at the counter restaurant. We didn’t know that. We walked in straight to the seats and waited for a server to come. After a long time one came and  courteously told us that we have to order at the counter. Embarrassing!

After lunch we shopped for jeans and  then headed to Jatujak Park for a stroll and some fresh air. We watched city lights from afar and talked about everything under the sun. When I came home it was pretty late.

My friend also let me peek through her doodle book. She doodles sporadically in this small book whenever she gets an inspiration. It was full of beautiful doodles of such vast imagination. I was positively impressed.

Dinner with Phasy

We dined with my cousin Phasy who is the founder of  The Sea House Maldives, a restaurant overlooking  sea in Male’.  Incidentally it is my absolute favourite breakfast spot in Male’. Sea breezes on my face as I sip  morning coffee at their balcony. Ah. Joy!

I was so happy to see him. It really makes a difference to dine with someone who knows a lot about food. Someone who can tell exactly how and with what ingredients a dish has been conjured up just by seeing and tasting them! He also shared with us some fun tips on cooking at restaurants. In return Mamdhu divulged him with  recipe of a mocktail he has invented many moons ago at college. He calls it The Rainbow. If that name ever appears on menus of any restaurant affiliated with Phasy, you know who gave birth to it!

snake date

Mamdhu and I went to the Snake Farm at Queen Shaovabha Memorial Institute. We saw the snake handlers adroitly play with some venomous snakes.  (Even typing up about it is sending chills up my spine!).  They let us handle and take photos with a not so huge python. We talked and saw various species of snakes for another one hour.

After seeing the whole lot many snakes of all sizes and beautiful skin patterns, we headed to Khao San for lunch. We had pineapple fried rice and onion rings in a nice touristy  café.

nameless flower

Above: I saw these flowers (or are they fruits?) at the local vegetable shop. Does anyone know what these are called?

Someone said to me today:
‘There are two types of people. The homely type, which you claim to be, and the dynamic type, which you are!’

Who are better judges of our characters? Our own-selves or the people who are close to us?