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Nila Biryani, Shwedagon

After breakfast at hotel (I had mushed potatoes and rice), we flew to Yangon.

We went to the famous Nilai Biryani for lunch. The place reminded us of Malaysian Nasi Kandars. We are avid Nasi Kandar fans.

We shopped at Mingalar Market, where we bought some pots, a longyi (sarong) for me and a male longyi for my grandfather.

From market we took a cab to the golden Shwedagon temple.  Rudyard Kipling  who visited the temple in 1889 , wrote, ‘ Then, a golden mystery upheaved itself on the horizon, a beautiful winking wonder that blazed in the sun, of a shape that was neither Muslim dome nor Hindhu temple sphere.’ .

Attractions in Inle Lake

We stopped at various attractions scattered along the Inle Lake. Here are some pictures



Making of Paper Umbrellas

 A family from Paduang Tribe

Making Fabric from Lotus

Cigar making at a cheroot factory

We were greeted with tea and crepes.

glue made of tapioca

Nuts and pickled tea leaves were offered to visitors.


After lunch we canoed to another restaurant for rice crackers, tea and coconut.

Jumping Cat Monastery

Gliding through Inle Lake

The canoe threaded its way up the lake from morning till soon before sundown.

This is my favourite part of our Myanmar trip.

I’m going to take a break for now. I  intend to share more pics of a Buddist festival we were lucky enough to witness and also some interesting attractions we visited along the lake. But, that shall wait until tomorrow.

Stay tuned, lovely people. 

Rainy day by Karaweik

We could not get any flights to fly out of Yangon. It was raining bucketsful and my camera was also a little under the weather.

After lazing the whole morning away at hotel, by around noon, we set out to explore Yangon. We had a traditional Myanmar lunch at Khaiy Khaiy Kjaw (I tried curried eel). We spent the rest of the day  at Kandawgyi (Royal) Lake, sipping tea and people watching.  The golden palace of Karaweik on the lake was breathtaking! 

We had Indian food for dinner and later sat down and had a nice plate of sweet puddings with this friendly family. The father can speak Urdu, so we had a nice chat! 

We walked back to hotel, mouths filled with betel juice.

Mingla-ba Myanmar

 Flight was a short hop from Bangkok.

 After checking into hotel we went out for dinner. Mamdhu had noodle in coconut milk. It tasted similar to chaat masala and has chaat pieces in it.

On our way back to hotel we joined tea drinkers on the footpath. Drinking tea on footpath cafes like this are very popular in Yangon.

Let the adventure begin!

In a few hours time, Mamdhu and I are flying to Myanmar. I’m excited to experience a totally new culture, see endless number of pagodas, and eat pickled tea leaves.  Also, to take some time in between to relax and do very little.

I’ll be reading Burmese Days by George Orwell during the flights and long bus rides.

See you all when we come back!

P.s. The clock in the picture is a real clock that works. Isn’t that cool? 

this moment…

Shake Gohan at Oishi

I’m watching tv while nibbling on a slice of pepperoni pizza.  Celebrating the end of exams (this week has been all exams, presentations and term papers)!  So glad that there wont be anymore for at least another two weeks.  Even the sky is so blue and happy today!

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!