Monthly Archives: August 2011

that sunset

Like any other day of that December last year, my sister, her friends and I set out to see sunset. Little did we expect to see anything out of the ordinary. We were truly marveled by the ferocious clouds and the colours flaming out from all sides of them. It was nothing like anything we have ever seen before.

Wishing I had a camera with me, I did what I had to do with a small Nokia phone.

a week of breakfasting out

Next week, we will be eating breakfast out a lot. I’m trying to finish up all my work this week. Relax the whole next week away! At least that’s the plan.

Photo: Breakfast at Dubliner. Peanut laced french toast and Irish breakfast(with soda bread).

when I fail…

I failed my econometrics exam. I was really sad for ten minutes, and then slowly the rebounding took off.

Two things that always come to me when I fail came and nudged my subconscious faculty.

I was very sad one day. That was during the dark confused era of adolescence. My friend Shif set out to console me and all she said was, ’this isn’t the end of the world!’. Such a simple thing to say, yet it struck me like a light bulb being turned on. Why do we make a fuss of things that are so minute in comparison to our life and its vast experiences (What are these minute things in comparison to the world? the universe?).

This interview of Anupam Kher, is the second thing. His father took him to a restaurant to celebrate him failing an exam. Celebrating failure? That’s something I have never heard of before. This idea, I liked instantaneously!

Music of nature, a love note…

As my Econometrics midterms drew near, I realised that I don’t know what is going on in the subject. My whole world turned into qualms.

When Mamdhu saw the state I was in, he asked to see my notes. He studied the notes at the same time initiating me into the world of Econometrics (and Greek Alphabet!). I was amused, to say the least. He has never studied Statistics or Econometrics before!

On the day of the exam (which was yesterday and a working day), he woke up early in the morning to give me some last minute coaching. He pushed back going to work till midday and all the while was soothing me with ‘its gonna be ok’ mantra. He even made short notes for me to read during commute to school! xoxo

Photos: This afternoon, I was sitting there. Enjoying the sound of rain on the swimming pool.